Rehabilitative Exercise

Restoring The Body Through Assisted Stretching and Customized Exercises in Palm Beach Gardens

At Bloom Health & Wellness, we recognize that no two injuries and no two patients are alike.  For this reason, we focus on individualized and customized care.  We also know the value of integrating rehabilitative exercises and stretching into a patient's treatments in order to strengthen the body and prevent further injury or exacerbations.  This is why two of our most valuable services are our assisted stretching and customized rehabilitative exercise regimens. 

Just about everyone recognizes that stretching before exercise is a healthy practice that can help prevent injuries but many do not realize how many other benefits stretching offers. Some of these benefits include: increased flexibility and mobility, prevention of back pain, increased circulation to muscles, improved posture and increased range of motion.  Assisted stretching involves the aid of a therapist to help a patient stretch muscles by providing additional leverage to achieve a greater range of motion than a patient could do on their own.  Having a therapist aid and lead your stretch makes sure you pinpoint, isolate, and properly position the muscle groups that need to be stretched. 

Another service offered at Bloom Health & Wellness is customized rehabilitative exercises.  If you have been in an accident, suffered an injury or just want to improve your athletic performance, customized exercises can be a great asset to improving your health.  After a thorough examination and intake, Dr. Delgado will develop an exercise plan that will aid you in your recovery process or in achieving your physical performance goals. Some benefits of rehabilitative exercises are decreasing pain, increased mobility, prevention of exacerbations, improved balance, improved endurance, and decreased injury recovery time.  

Whether you are recovering from an injury or simply feeling stiff and sore, assisted stretching and rehabilitative exercises can go a long way toward restoring your comfort and well-being. Simply call Bloom Health & Wellness in Palm Beach Gardens today to hear more about these practices, and to schedule your appointment.