Graston Myofascial Therapy

Graston Myofascial Therapy and Cupping in Palm Beach Gardens

Whether you are a an elite athlete, weekend warrior or hardly ever physically active at all, it’s inevitable that you’ll sometimes experience aches, pains, and injuries. Each of those scenarios will require different treatments, and usually more than one. Physical pain is not a one-size-fits-all problem, and here at Bloom Health & Wellness, we understand that. When you come to us for health care, we work with you to develop an integrated therapy program built around your personal needs.

Although Dr. Amanda Delgado uses chiropractic techniques as a pillar of her practice, this is just one of the many beneficial tools available here.


One commonly used therapy at Bloom Health & Wellness is cupping. This treatment calls for careful placement of special cups that create suction on your body, which in turn creates negative pressure on the muscles and fascia of the affected area. Leaving the cups in place for a few minutes results in pain and inflammation relief, increased blood flow, and feelings of relaxation and well-being. Although not everyone has heard of it, cupping therapy is nothing new. It is an effective form of treatment that was practiced in ancient Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Egyptian cultures. 

A more modern, but equally effective treatment we offer is called Gaston Myofascial Therapy. This technique is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that effectively detects and treats scar tissue, trigger points, muscle spasms and restrictions that affect normal function. It has been shown to be an effective therapy for anyone suffering from myofascial, dense tissue restrictions.

If you’re seeking Graston Myofascial Therapy or body cupping in Palm Beach Gardens, we invite you to join us at Bloom Health & Wellness. Call on us today to make an appointment.